About The Author

A prolific writer and sought-after-expect on hiring and workplace trends, Ira S. Wolfe has been aptly described as a “Gen Y masquerading in a Baby Boomer body.”

Ira, the author of the new book Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization: How to Manage the Unprecedented Convergence of the Wired, the Tired, and Technology in the Workplace, is a business columnist, business blogger, public speaker, and consultant on generational crowding, workforce trends, skilled worker gaps, and best practices in hiring and succession. His other books include The Perfect Labor Storm 2.0, The Perfect Labor Storm Fact Book, and Understanding Business Values and Motivators.

In addition to being interviewed regularly by journalists, reporters, and bloggers, he appears regularly as the go-to expert on TV and public service radio stations speaking on topics of generational crowding in the workplace, the rise of female breadwinners, fans and foes of social media in the workplace, the threat of the “gray ceiling,” and hiring trends from the current to 2020 and beyond.

Ira also serves as president of Success Performance Solutions (SPS), a pre-employment and leadership testing firm he founded in 1996. His clients, primarily based in the United States and Canada, include small and mid-sized businesses in the energy, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, construction, and distribution industries.

An engaging and entertaining speaker, Ira captures his audience’s attention with a common-sense approach, dry sense of humor, and compelling command of workforce and demographic trends. Ira is a Vistage/Canada TEC resource speaker and repeat 2009 presenter for the National Association of Home Builders, Clemson University, and many Chambers of Commerce and other associations.

Ira is a graduate of Muhlenberg College, University of Pennsylvania, and Duquesne University.

To schedule Ira to speak or keynote at your next employee training, leadership retreat, association meeting, or conference, call 717-291-4640.