Age Differences Sure Make Conversations Interesting

While I’m the first to admit that generational gaps are as much the result of attitude as they are with age, age differences sure make conversations interesting… if not fun.   Just a few weeks ago, Roddy White, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, celebrated his 90-yard touchdown run with a somersault.  The referees rewarded White with an unsportsmanlike penalty for excessive celebration. (There’s probably another story in there about rules penalizing employees from celebrating but I’ll leave that for another day.) White’s coach, Mike Smith, joked afterwards about how he addressed White for his behavior. Their conversation demonstrates how a simple conversation reveals the most basic gap between generations:

 I told him [White] if he’s going to do it, it needs to be Olga Korbut. And he looked at me like he doesn’t know who Olga Korbut is. Then I told him, ‘Well, maybe Mary Lou Retton.’ And then I figure that’s ’86, he doesn’t know who Mary Lou Retton is. It went right over his head and my head.

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