Can Skype be a cure for H1N1 absenteeism?

With the threat of H1N1 creating disruptions in the workplace and school becoming more real with every passing day, I wonder how Skype and other social media might be tools that could minimize the impact of absenteeism.  Karl Fisch, who always offers up great posts and ideas for schools, posted a great story on his blog about how one teacher is using Skype to stay connected with the classroom to students who are home sick.  What a great idea.  How can your business use Skype and other social media to keep employees connected to work and customers during an H1N1 “sick-out”?  Should social media training be included in H1N1 preparedness?  What do you think?

Need some help figuring out how to use social media for your business?  We’re here to help!

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