Meet Your Next CEO, The Chief Experience Officer| Season 3:024

by | Jun 17, 2020 | General, Season 3

Delivering a positive customer service has always garnered a lot of attention. But then the SHIFT hit our plans. COVID-19 was the last straw. Every company, customer, employee, supplier, and vendor is now grieving over the death of Normal and re-prioritizing the future. “Experience Rules,” says our Geeks Geezers and Googlization guest Joyce Gioia. (“Experience Rules” just happens to be the title of her newest book too – available in the summer 2020 on Amazon!)  In the post-pandemic era, it’s no longer good enough to focus only on the customer. Employees demand a positive experience too. So do suppliers and vendors. Experiences Matter.  Listen as Joyce Gioia – futurist, author, and founder of Employer of Choice International – reveals why experience rules and your next CEO must be a Chief Experience Officer.

BTW Joyce is the co-founder of The Herman Group and  Employer of Choice, Inc., author of 5 books, and has been a popular speaker at #SHRM, #HR, and #Business conferences for many years.  I first interviewed Joyce 19 years ago for my 1st radio show…and I have the cassette tape to prove it!


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