Creating an Army of Recruiters Through Recognition with Sarah McVanel

by | Apr 7, 2022 | General, Season 5

Episode Title: Creating an Army of Recruiters Through Recognition with Sarah McVanel

A paycheck alone isn’t enough anymore. Meaningful compensation and recognition have become just as important. So how can you show your people appreciation to both attract and retain talent?

In this episode of Geeks, Geezers, Googlization, Sarah McVanel, a leading recognition expert and author, sheds light on some myths that get in the way of acknowledging others. Sarah also breaks down how practicing recognition can help you create an army of recruiters. As you listen, you’ll hear simple ways to recognize others and understand what meaningful compensation looks like.

Resources: Greatness Magnified – The Flip Side of Failing by Sarah McVanel

Along the way you’ll learn:

Practicing genuine recognition is the best thing you can do to improve your culture

– Recognition starts at recruitment and spans all phases of the employee experience

– Find out what meaningful recognition looks like to your team members

What to listen for

[03:59] How Sarah became a recognition expert

[05:22] Simple ways to show recognition

[13:22] Why we struggle to show appreciation

[15:23] Reevaluating what ‘compensation’ means

[17:14] “Complaints are poorly worded requests”

[23:34] Recognition at every phase of the employee experience

[29:49] Showing appreciation is contagious

[33:40] The concept of unconditional recognition


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