If We Care About Doing Inclusion Better, Drop the Excuses | Season 3:046

by | Nov 21, 2020 | General, Season 3

Our interview with Torin Ellis on #GeeksGeezersGooglization is like a highlight reel. “King” Torin laid down one memorable quote after another. Let’s start with this one: “We can again send men and women into outer space but we still can’t figure out how to bring black, brown, and white men and women, veterans, and disabled people into our workforce?” How can we do better?  We must do better. What will it take to embrace inclusion? Our guest Torin Ellis sums it up in six words: drop the excuses, table our fragility.

We are then joined by celebrity futurist Joyce Gioia, CEO of The Herman Group, for our special series Ahead of the Curve: Normal 2.0. Given the weight of the discussion with Torin, we shifted gears and continued our discussion of diversity, inclusion, and bias.

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