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GGG Blog: The Big Divide in the Employee Experience

Written by Jason Cochran

December 28, 2022


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Perfect Labor Storm ⚡️

  1.  According to the 2022 Global Culture Report from O.C. Tanner, ⅓ of employees feel disconnected from their leadership teams
  2.  A recent Gallup study found that 77% of employees don’t trust the leadership in their organizations
  3.  According to McKinsey, 76% of employees describe their leaders as toxic.
  4.  It’s estimated in some studies that 82% of the time businesses fail to choose the right candidate for leadership positions

Weekly Connection 💡

There’s a huge disconnect right now between employees and senior leaders in many organizations.

In addition to the Perfect Labor Storm evidence above, consider this from McKinsey:

“85% of executives report living their purpose at work, but only 15% of front line employees feel the same way.”

You could say this is a Tale of Two Work Experiences (inspiration courtesy of Charles Dickens).

Not only are many employees feeling disconnected to their senior leaders, they’re also feeling disconnected from any purpose in their work.

Let this be a wake up call.

Any leader who thinks that a sense of fulfillment at work for their teams isn’t essential should think again.

And contrary to popular belief, this renaissance around purpose isn’t just a by-product of the pandemic either. Back in 2018, a report from BetterUp indicated that 90% of employees would give up money ($21k/year on average) for work that is meaningful.

Folks are starving for a work experience that delivers value and fulfillment to their lives. Moving forward, it will be incumbent on leaders to have a compelling strategy for embedding purpose throughout the organization as purpose is no longer a “Nice to Have” but is now a “Must Have” to win on talent.

But don’t just take my word for it.

A couple of weeks ago, I had accomplished and respected CEO Jeff Blade, on my top-rated podcast with Ira Wolfe (Geeks Geezers Googlization) to discuss leading in turbulent times.

Jeff has lived out servant leadership and instilled purpose at organizations such as Steak & Shake, Vera Bradley, Matilda Jane, and Herff Jones to name a few. And he even serves on the board of trustees at the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership.

Watch the episode below:
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Here are just a few of the insights Jeff shared:
  • “I think businesses are really all about people. So why don’t organizations treat them differently and as the most important thing?”
  • Leaders should begin building trusting relationships by sharing a statement like the following and then backing it up with action: “What I’m going to demonstrate to you over time is that I have your best interests at heart.”
  • You cannot lead unless you have a desire to serve first.
  • Leaders who aren’t wired with a servant mindset can still make a conscious choice to do so knowing it’s what’s best for business and people. This requires a high degree of self awareness.
  • Self-aware leaders surround themselves with people who can help nurture the needed skills that don’t come naturally for them (such as service).
  • CHRO’s should be helping CEO’s lead the organization by setting strategy and ensuring the business is competitive in the marketplace.
  • CHRO’s should also deliver on linking purpose and strategy to organizational structure.
  • The #1 thing CEO’s need to know from HR leaders is how the org is going to win on talent.
  • Rather than mission, vision, and values…create a statement of purpose for the organization which includes things such as: Why do we exist? What’s our WHY?
  • Purpose is something you have to define and recognize in order to tease it out.
  • Purpose is a 1 + 1 = 3 multiplier because people want to be part of something bigger than themselves where the work they do truly matters.
  • Purpose has a demonstrated history in improving recruiting.

The Prescription 💊

And here are some recommended ways to connect purpose to work:
  • Capture and share customer impact stories with your teams
  • Reimagine your onboarding for new hires where they are taught about and coached on the purpose of the organization
  • Engage each staff member in creating a personal purpose and meaning statement
  • Align job descriptions with how they help contribute to organizational purpose
  • Reimagine employee recognition and performance management practices where living out the purpose is captured and measured
  • Implement policies that support DEI, social, an environmental responsibility (ESG)
  • Bring the power of WHY to your people and teams
Recommended Resources:

The Journey Ahead 🔮

It’s time for a little teaser trailer from my new podcast series, GGG Unleashed!

Ira Wolfe and I are unleashing the world’s top thought leaders on the #FutureofWork in mini-episodes each month.

You can think of them as mini-TedTalks (podcast version) in the Geeks Geezers Googlization feed!

Up first in the GGG Unleashed series is Vivian Blade who is a resilience and inclusive leadership expert, bestselling author, and top 100 #HR influencer!

The title of her series is Better Leaders Better Workplaces!


Check out the 2 minute trailer below!

While Better Leaders Better Workplaces may seem like a simple concept, it takes serious dedication to put into action.

Vivian is the first of many thought partners we’re announcing who’s episodes will drop each month on all of GGG’s channels, so stay tuned for more disruptive content challenging the status quo as we prepare for the future of work!

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