Having the Courage To Do What Scares You with Dr. Joe Serio

by | Apr 21, 2022 | General, Season 5

Episode Title: Having the Courage To Do What Scares You with Dr. Joe Serio

Nothing scares people more than the unknown. And the concentration of the uncertainty the world is currently experiencing is unprecedented.

In this episode of Geeks, Geezers, Googlization, author, speaker, and leadership trainer, Dr. Joe Serio, talks about how he went from being afraid of everything to hanging around the Russian mafia and the KGB. As you listen, you’ll learn how to take control of what scares you by putting your fears into perspective and acknowledging what you can and cannot control.

Resources: – Vodka, Hookers, And The Russian Mafia by Joe Serio

Along the way you’ll learn:

– Control the controllables and don’t let the rest stress you out

– Have a value system in place you can fall back on when you don’t know what’s coming next

– Collect tools for overcoming the paralysis of fear, not eliminating it altogether

What to listen for

[04:30] The chain of events that led Joe to the Soviet Union

[08:27] How uncertainty breeds fear

[10:57] Relying on guiding principles in the face of the unknown?

[15:15] Overcoming the paralysis of fear

[19:15] “Control the controllables”

[21:26] Scary encounters (or the lack thereof) of the Russian kind

[25:39] What to do when faced with fear

[26:43] Vodka, Hookers, and the Russian Mafia

[29:30] Lightning round with Joe


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