Health care info to explode online using Facebook, Twitter

There’s not much good being said about the current state of health care in the U.S. but you’ve got to give credit when it’s due.  An article in today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review shares how the insurance industry will use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect and engage with consumers.  As many of us suspect, social networking sites will soon become a primary strategy for customer relationship  and brand management.  The health care “brand” certainly needs improvement and what better way to connect with your customers and prospects than starting conversations on Facebook or exporting information via Twitter.  While the effectiveness of this strategy is a long way off, it’s an industry that every business owner and executive needs to watch.  Pay attention to their messages.  What do they say?  How do they say it?  How to do they respond to favorable and unfavorable comments?  How do they engage customers beyond pushing out information?  What social media marketing lessons will the health care industry offer to make your customer relationships and reputation healthier? 

Read the full article about Health Care Info to Explode.

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