HR Must Learn to Spell CX | Candidate Experience | Season 2:041

by | Oct 23, 2019 | General, Season 2

CX. Just what HR needs, another acronym!  But don’t turn away just yet. Bad candidate experience is almost single-handedly killing your talent acquisition efforts. Plain and simple – job seekers aren’t happy. Half of them encounter a negative experience with your company or your website even before they apply. Seven out of 10 leave and never apply again. Worse, they tell 7 friends…and those friends tell 7 more. Another 50 percent quit your application before hitting submit. Bad CX (candidate experience) pushes top talent away, drives up costs, creates negative publicity, and lowers customer revenue. It’s a destructive, expensive, counter-productive strategy. In this episode, we’re joined  by Delta CX author Debbie Levitt. She exposes the 4 Horsemen of Bad CX – frustration, confusion, disappointment, and distraction, how they send the wrong message to job candidates, and offers tips to deliver great CX.


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