Level Up Your Career Transitions, Finding the “It” Factor with Dr. Loubna Erraji

by | Mar 14, 2022 | General, Season 5


To everyone else, it looked like Dr. Loubna Erraji had a perfect life. She is a high achiever, a neuroscientist with 20 years of experience encompassing scientific research, teaching, consulting, and coaching. She’s held important academic positions and executive corporate roles. But despite her distinguished career and a long list of accomplishments, she wasn’t happy. Nothing was working in her life and job until she found a coach.

One might wonder why high achievers like Loubna Erraji would need a coach. With nearly 4 out of 10 workers looking to change jobs and careers this year, a lot more people are throwing their hat in the I-want-more-out-of-life ring. 

A February article from the New York Times revealed that it’s not just employees who are quitting their jobs but senior executives too. Their reasons vary – from just scratching that itch to taking a break to reassess the role of work in their lives to wanting to pursue a new venture. In short, you could say they were searching for “it.” 

Unfortunately finding “it” isn’t a skill a lot of people have. This is precisely why you should just click now on this episode of Geeks Geezers Googlization. Dr. Erraji shares what “it” is and how everyone from front-line workers to executives can either find it or make it. 

What is it that drives some people to make bold moves while others accept their fate? Dr. Erraji will share her experience, her struggles, and how she found her purpose. She will then reveal the right ways to think about advancing your personal ambitions and professional career.

Here’s a bit more about her background and her journey. She is an ICF Certified Executive Coach, Neuroscientist,  adjunct professor, and management consultant with more than 20 years of global experience encompassing scientific research, teaching, consulting, and coaching. Based out of the New York City and New Jersey area, she frequently travels abroad, and her work spans the globe across the US, Europe, and North Africa. Some of her clients are leaders at Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, banking, financial services, technology, higher education, and more, working with the likes of UBS, IBM, Prudential, Deloitte, Merck, AbbVie, BMS,  to name a few. She’s also the founder and CEO of her own consulting company called Advancis Consulting LLC, where she provides services to organizations and individuals committed to creating impactful leadership and high-performance environments.


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