Will Our New Normal Be An Exponential Curve? | Season 3:015

by | Apr 15, 2020 | General, Season 3

A funny thing happened on the road to tomorrow. The SHIFT hit our plans! Now that the pandemic curve is flattening, our focus shifts to re-opening America (or the world for that matter.) What will “normal” look like? How long will it take to get “back-to-normal? For many, near-term survival is top-of-mind. Others are thinking forward, seeking to rebuild themselves and get a head start on the next chapter of our lives. No matter the path you choose, one thing is certain: the road to recovery will be an exponential curve. 

  • Which industries might lead to our recovery?
  • What jobs will be in demand?
  • Will technology lead the way?
  • How will we balance the need for technology with the value for human life, for security, for privacy, for well-being?
  • With all the new guidelines and conditions coming out about what it will take to reopen for business, might companies discover that work-from-home productivity is better than when employees go to work?

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