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Having the Courage To Do What Scares You with Dr. Joe Serio

Having the Courage To Do What Scares You with Dr. Joe Serio

In this episode of Geeks, Geezers, Googlization, author, speaker, and leadership trainer, Dr. Joe Serio, talks about how he went from being afraid of everything to hanging around the Russian mafia and the KGB. As you listen, you’ll learn how to take control of what scares you by putting your fears into perspective and acknowledging what you can and cannot control.

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The Geeks Geezers and Googlization Podcast …

Where we talk about all the Crazy SHIFT going on in the world of work, HR, and business. Our goal with each episode is to provoke conversation and challenge the status quo. We won’t leave any stones unturned in our search for innovative thought leaders and best practices of talent management.

Plan, Integrate, Automate with Chad Sowash

Plan, Integrate, Automate with Chad Sowash

Episode Title: Plan, Integrate, Automate with Chad Sowash Last year over 18 billion dollars were infused into HR tech, yet only 40% of senior HR leaders say they have a digital transformation plan in place...

We live in interesting times. Our Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Podcast shares interviews with many of the most fascinating and successful industry thought leaders about managing the convergence of the wired, tired, and technology. Topics include tips on managing disruptive workforce trends and how companies can recruit faster, hire smarter, and retain employees longer. 


So what is Googlization and what does it have to do with managing people?

Technology is being introduced at an accelerating pace. It is disrupting and changing the way we work. The definition of work itself is evolving and the skills required to do them are more advanced. At the same time, the melting pot of 5 generations – Veterans, Baby Boomers., Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z – poses an unprecedented challenge for managers.

And because Millennials will soon make up nearly 75% of the workforce, many of the episodes will address the best ways to attract and engage them. But other topics will include recruiting strategies and hiring trends as well as best practices for talent acquisition, leadership development, and employee retention.

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