The Hybrid Workplace | 4:038

by | Sep 29, 2021 | General, Season 4

Can your company culture survive when your workforce works remotely? Is it possible to create that spur-of-the-moment water-cooler or passing-in-the-hallway moments on Zoom? 

“Where do you work” took on a whole new meaning and importance beginning March 2020. Prior to that, people went to work and the hybrid work model was almost taboo. Today where, when, and how people work is evolving on an hour-to-hour basis.  Organizations and businesses of all types and sizes are being forced to create the post-pandemic workplace on-the-fly. What do owners and executives need to consider? What remote work lessons did we learn over the last 18 months? How should managers personalize employee health and safety concerns? For answers, Farissa Knox, founder and CEO of RLM Media, joins us for this Geeks Geezers Googlization episode. Farissa embraced the hybrid work model for her large team of employees and will share lessons she learned and offer tips for CEOs and owners who are in the midst of reimagining their workplace.

Farissa Knox is the Founder and CEO of RLM Media, a holding company and advertising agency dedicated to expanding how advertisers look at and talk to todays “actual” consumer; the Founder and Creative Director of WhatRUWearing Productions, the production house behind the reality series, PRGirl (streaming on Plex and Amazon Prime Video) showing the professional and personal lives of ladies running the worlds of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle Public Relations; the Author of Love, Sex and Friendship: In No Particular Order, her memoir describing her journey around career, love, self-discovery, and dating during her mid 20’s in New York City; and a wife and a mother.


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